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Thanks Fabrice!! I'll keep them in mind, but I'm out of cash and time to change right now...I still have a final drive to rebuild.

Ok, hooked up with Poolside on the phone and Jim walked me through how to time the new ignition. Once we figured out that I set the engine to my 60* mark on my timing wheel instead of 60* BTDC...I was only 30* off , things went smooth after that.

Jim is a very patient guy, I woulda hung up on me.

We used this:

I own a meter that is smarter than me, I use it at work to find key off battery drains with the amp setting and that's about it. Our most common problems come from the aftermarket equipment that our rigs are covered with. I have started using charge guards on every draw I find, the labor to actually fix things is murder on the customer...find the draw and seperate it with a charge guard.

The meter for Jim:

This is how I rigged things to set the new gap on the timing cup:

Jim was going to talk me through wiring up the neutral light for the Acewell, but I bumped negative into positive and fried the light in the dash.
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