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On the road again! From Kilmore to Lancefield, take some detours and you'll see this!

Or this...

A fruit tree often indicates that there used to be a house nearby.

I looked around for evidence of old dwellings here.
About 100m away I found a small, abandoned rubbish heap with a few bits poking out of the ground

Note the trampled earth and wool scraped off on the bottom wire of the fence ;-)

These are probably the culprits!

There's a bike in both of these pictures somewhere!

A nice little climb if I could have scraped the bike under the fence like one of the local sheep

I did walk up though! This is the wombat hole in the middle of the above picture. I don't know what wee beastie lived in the other straw home.

Some more sights...

I didn't think we had Yak's in Southern Victoria! What the hell have they been feeding the cows?!!
A bit of a standoff ensued

But eventually I brokered a treaty and we all moved on

I again ventured through some gates which google maps indicated were on gazetted roads (at least, that was my excuse if I got caugt!)

The "road" was like this for kilometres though, as the fences disappeared and I felt like I was riding in someones paddock

Nothing like some more shells to increase your sense of paranoia!

Heading home, it started getting a bit damp...

And consequently this is as far as I got! Beveridge Pub (is that a pun?!). Even for a teetotaller like myself, a pub with fire, food, and a few poor saps to show my photo's to is a hard thing to ride past!
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