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Originally Posted by dobbo View Post
gr8 RR

interesting to see, your bike set up.. I am not into motards, but was impressed with your efforts in the mud on those tyres.
35,000km.... that's impressive.

Thanks dobbo! I have managed to nurse those motard tyres through some pretty sloshy and rough ground, I enjoy the challenge! But I certainly can't go very fast, I'd be eating the roost of anyone with knobs on.
The reason I stick with the road tyres is because I do a lot of km on the road, a lot of hooning in the suburbs, and they allow the little 250 to cruise at freeway speeds comfortably.
But I will experiment with some slightly meatier tyres soon.

Originally Posted by woopwoop View Post
Nice approach. There're some great photos there. Any reason not to make them bigger?
Thanks woopwoop! If you click on any of the photo's you should be able to get a bigger version in my Picasa album's.
I scaled them down for the report because I didn't want to bore people with lots of average photo's... so the nice photo's (in my opinion) are bigger, the boring photo's that still tell the story are average sized, and the small photo's are for the less important, less interesting pictures that I still wanted to include in the RR.
Am I overanalysing?!!
My ride reports on ADV - 35,000km on a Yamaha WR250X Motard in Australia. Desert, snow, highway, city, trail!
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