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New Tag Spot


The little guy is now awaiting for you in the guardrail of a one lane bridge. The road has a 3-digit rt. number. If you add all three digits together you get 12. If you add just 2 of the digits together, the sum will also be 12.

This road has a name, and it's shared with the last name of a Ram-Colt-Raider-Falcon-Packer. Really not much of a Packer though.

Also this road has two traffic circles, two one lane bridges, and two paved sections. The TAG however is in the gravel section.

Sorry for the dark pics, however as daylight fades earlier and earlier these days I fear we may have to get good at deciphering dark pics, using flash and/or photo editing software to lighten up our images.

In fact, we may want to consider doubling the "respect" points for folks that find tags from dark pictures.

And now, on to the pics:

The little guy is inside the guardrail, very close to an orange cone, looking out over a narrow green pasture (sorry, no pics of the pasture):

The camera is directly above the Tag Spot looking back at my bike when taking this pic:

Looking at the bridge from behind the bike:

Let's keep it moving folks!

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