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D7 - 10/25 --Voronezh / Rostov (Bataisk) - 569km

Departure 7.30 of Voronezh and arrival around 17.45 at Bike Post out of Rostov I have about 380km to complete the course.
Nice day today, cool in the morning between 5C/7C but dry up and then 12C in the early afternoon with bright sunshine.

In the photos you can see the difference between the 4 channels and 2 channels, particularly unpleasant to ride on it, I have got the feeling that each wheel follows a different direction of the other 2 ...

On my way to Moscow I passed in front of this complex "Bike Hotel" hotel + restaurant + bar + spare parts for American trucks, but I didn't saw it... Today I stop and took some pictures.
I should admit that without the sun and if it was colder I would stop there for the night but given the good weather I preferred to continue.

At the Bike Post, I ask if they knows a hotel nearby and they indicated me the "Kartodrom" at 500m.
It is brand new and there must be one or two guests that night. The price is 2500rub. There is the WiFi without internet access ...

Whether the Bike Hotel or Kartodrom I'm not sure that's the kind of "images" you have in minds about Russia...

ps: Met some frenchs on the way, coming out of Voronezh I see a camper registered in France who leaves a station, I think "certainly a retired couple on a ride", I did not stop because I suspect they are going faster than me and effectively a few miles away they are behind me.
While I try to show them my "BZH" (Brittany my native place) which is on the right wheel, they flash the headlights and stop, I do the same and then they come up to me in English they ask me "What we had a puncture? " I laugh because not only the are not retired but youngs(*), and I explain my action in French ...
(*) French musicians on tour in Russia and they were going to Rostov ...

Enough talking, time to the pictures:

"Bike Hotel":


"End of today's drive at the Bike Post"

"Newly open Kartodrom":
(with some pictures 10/26 in the morning)

Didn't cover the Ural but he start at the first time...
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