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refurbed sidecars

There's a guy named Clint on Russian Iron or Soviet Steeds, trades as Cold War Trophies. He has a pretty good deal (IMHO) on offer for reconditioned Dnepr car kits. He's on EBay, too.

Consists of a tub, fender, frame, shock, rim, spokes, and hub. Seat frames only. No tire, upholstery, or lights. Tub, fender and frame in IMRON primer. $1000, not incl. shipping. It's all palletized, so figure $300 just about anywhere if you shop around.

Just FYI.

Originally Posted by Worroll View Post
Amazing the cost range. I think I'm in a good position to keep it way on the cheap end of things. I've decided to use my parts 1981 CB750F as the base (after I try getting it titled.) It's completely disassembled but basically all there. I have a Bridgeport style mill, lathe, and MIG welder in my garage, so make custom parts is no issue.
I think it would be best for me to buy a used sidecar instead of building on from scratch for my first setup. So over the winter I'll keep my eyes open and hopefully score something decent around $1000-$1500.
First setup would be just bolting on the sidecar. Then I'd work on building a leading link setup/car tires/sidecar linked brake etc.
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