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HS#4 race report

I'll be honest, after 2 lackluster races (9th place twice) and Haley not racing due to a broken collarbone I wasn't in the mood to write up a race report. It's frustrating to see guys you raced against last year finishing well ahead of you knowing with a new bike I should be doing better. It comes down to me riding better, and each race you go out there hoping this is the race where you can find some speed.

The race this time took place in northeast Florida near the town of Palatka. The property was flat with Sat race being 6 miles and Sunday's being 9.6. Haley had 2 other girls in her class (Jr. girls) so she was both excited and nervous about how her shoulder would hold up under race conditions

Haley got a decent start and looked tentative but rolling. Apparently on the first lap both girls made mistakes and she had the lead. Now with many of the "C" classes the winner may not be the fastest but the one that makes the least mistakes. Haley was reminded of that when a mud hole put her in an awkward position and several minutes passed until she get extracted 2nd lap was also eventful as when pulling over for a faster rider she ended up getting her left arm yanked pretty good (collarbone shoulder) so she came in and called it a race. She determined to do better next race and I have no doubt she will.

Junior Girls
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Points Adv Laps Elapsed
1 14G India McDonald Honda Newberry, FL 50 0 4 1:17:08
2 153G Alyssa Mieszczenski 284498 Honda Palm Springs, FL 47 0 4 1:20:11
3 169G Haley Schell Honda Odessa, FL 22 0 2 0:52:55

Now it's my turn. 17 riders on the line including the usual know who you are Got a good start so I'm third heading into the woods. Not long and both 1st and 2nd place blow a corner and I'm in first. History shows this won't last long as I dump it in a sandy corner and give it right back. The course has several straights including one so long I'm tapped out in 5th with my head tucked behind the bars and the temptation to grab the left fork tube just like my hero.

passing slower riders on the gas and brakes as the front end dives to mother earth and the rear skips around trying to join the front..dang this is fun! First couple of laps I'm in 4th then 5th. Have a good battle with Mike Hunter (828C) as I pass him in the planted pines only to give it right back on a bad line choice. I'm following him as he's picking good lines through the mud and not making any mistakes. Last lap I'm hollering as we are having a great battle in the field going back into the woods. He manages to put 2 stragglers between him and I before we dump off a straight into the mud. I end up stuck behind 2 guys who aren't sure what to so i and up having to go over a log while in mud up to the axles. Hop off the bike when the rear won't come over and with a good push I'm rolling but my energy is gone. Hit a kicker on some uneven whoops and over the bars I go Once I get the bike started the finish line isn't far away...5th! Might have had something for Mike at the end but the mud and crash did me in. Finally rode better and am looking forward to next weekend ! Was good having Haley back racing as i enjoy our time talking racing

Senior C
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Points Adv Laps Elapsed
1 200C Ivan Pacheco KTM Aguadilla, PA 50 10 4 1:46:46
2 20C Charles Nix KTM Inverness, FL 47 5 4 1:49:30
3 196C Mark Zaremskas 505078 KTM Eustis, FL 45 4 4 1:50:10
4 828C Mike Hunter 744142 Honda Middleburg, FL 43 3 4 1:50:12
5 117C Troy Stainbrook KTM Odessa, FL 41 2 4 1:52:31
6 677C Oris (Don) Combee Yamaha Ft Meade, FL 40 0 4 1:54:29
7 30C Jack Watson Honda Yulee, FL 39 0 4 1:54:31
8 33C Tom Widener Yamaha Enterprise, FL 38 0 4 1:54:33
9 818C Irvin Kelly 942897 Honda Kissimmee, FL 37 0 4 1:58:33
10 38C Mark Boris KTM Lake City, FL 36 0 3 1:26:49
11 111C Kevin Martin Honda Douglas, GA 35 0 3 1:29:10
12 51C Eric Rasberry KTM Geneva, FL 34 0 3 1:30:36
13 41C Eric Sanders 846487 KTM Gainesville, FL 33 0 3 1:31:45
14 42C Brenton Teixeira KTM Key West, FL 32 0 3 1:35:04
15 108C Rob Michaels 1095598 KTM Orlando, FL 31 0 3 1:35:23
16 3C Scott Heaton Honda Apopka, FL 30 0 3 1:37:29
17 357C Jaime Yanguas Suzuki Winter Garden, FL 14 0 2 1:29:57
15C Kevin Vaughan Verified North Port, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00

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