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Originally Posted by tallguy-09 View Post
I had the F800GS with the "Boxer sound" but for sure I didn't like that engine.
I'm no specialist but the vibrations around 5000-6000rpm were really bad (very fine vibrations).
Not sure why but I think it has to do with the counter balance arrangement.

So are you saying you could achieve exactly the same enge feel (not the low center of gravity) with a
parrallel Twin?
The same power output and power curve. I left out the cylinder bore and stroke as part of what affects power output.

Your comment about the counter balancer is interesting. Ever since I first rode a 1200, I've felt that it has much more of a high frequency vibration than the 1150. I theorize that a counter balancer that is half the mass of the crank assembly driven at twice crank speed is only going to be effective in a specific rpm range.

I haven't ridden an F800 so I can't opine on it. The balancing method seems like it should be more effective. It isn't driven by a chain that can stretch and cause the balancer to go out of synch with the crank and become a vibration amplifier.
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