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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works View Post
1,,,i bet when you take the slides and place them next to each other you'll find the idle adjustment ramp to be on the outboard position and the guide rail on the inward side

2,,,i bet that when you place the left and right float bowels side by side you'll find that the enrichening gas gets sucked up from the right float bowel transfers to the left enrichening circuits via the little rubber tube that is in between the carbs,,,you can tell because the right side has a hole drilled to the enrichening fuel pick-up passageway whereas the left one remains undrilled.

3,,i bet the right carb has a little brass tube that drops intot he passageway i mentioned in #2 wheras the left carb is void of a pick-up tube

but hey,,that's from a35 years ago

i saw the parts diagram you linked us to,,,maybe i'll see if i can get ya a differen't drawing,,in the meantime thomasac92,,why not double check what ya have ...

You got all this right, except the choke is on the left side on and RD. Oh, and carbs don't have bowels, they have bowls.
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