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Originally Posted by ballistic_ken View Post

July 28-29ish would be nice, could tie RMAR in Silverton and have a killer week +.

Whatever works for you, thanks for stepping up and taking this on.

Tentative IN.

So RMAR is going to be in Silverton? That would be schweet! I was kinda pushing for that as our "Plan B" this last summer.

Originally Posted by pablo83 View Post
I think I'm gunna have my plate full this year (well, next year), but if the dates work out, I'm sure there will be one or two groups doing a cross-state trek. I can post some suggestions, but someone else will have to lead that ride.

Hmmmm..... If there would be interest in working a Colorado IronButt into the program, I'd definitely be up for that. It would be hard to keep a group of any size moving together for that distance in that time though, without someone getting their feelings hurt... I'll have to put my thinking cap on and see if you could put together enough fast roads that stayed entirely in Colorado without too many curvy slower roads.

Oh, put me down as an "IN" please!
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