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The seat height of the Freeride electric appears to be about 35", which is really about an 1" higher than my comfort level. OTOH, being quite a bit lighter helps when you're on tip toes.

If KTM is smart, they're going to sell it as inexpensively has possible, which probably means at least $6000, but less than $7000. If it's $5000, I''m in, in, in, that's my realistic price range. If it's $7000, no way, not for me, that's high octane pricing for a low octane bike.

But if they can do it for under $6K and keep the seat height reasonable, they'll get some sales, because they're fitting a segment that has disappeared. Wouldn't have expected it from KTM.

The fact though, that they are pitching it as a beginner's bike, with "never too much power", lower seat height and super light weight, likely means that it HAS to have a low price tag. Otherwise, what does it offer than other KTM's don't in greater quantity? It's got only 60% of the HP of its 350cc siblings.

For me, I've ALWAYS been looking for a nice quiet tame 350cc engine, as prefer the torque and sure footedness to massive power. And in something reasonable, light and compact. A nice, well designed trail bike, like the ones I rode as a kid, just....better.
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