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Alrighty - sorry for the delay - Went out and did over 3k on the other bike last week up through CA, OR, and WA.

I couldn't check the spark timing earlier b/c the timing gun I have (borrowed) needs a spark plug wire. It doesn't work on my bike b/c there really isn't one, as the coil is a stick type to which the plug is directly connected. The wires are numbered, as are the plug holes, so no way to fuck that up, though I did switch them out just for kicks once (w/o success).

sanjoh is right - no auto decomp's.

Anyway, like I said, just came home - garage is a mess - I deploy soon and spent a lot on vacations these last 2 weeks, especially since the BMW broke down on the road and needed a fuel pump, so financially, this project won't be getting much else anytime soon. I'll mess with it later on, perhaps.
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