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New Tag Spot is not for the faint of heart

First of all, what a great ride up to Sugar Hollow Resevoir. Once the snow/freezing rain stopped, the sun came out, the road dried up, the KLR ran great, and SeeDo was right where he was last left. I grabbed him, and we hung out, enjoyed the scenery, and got hydrated:

By the way, Cameron, you weren't kidding when you mentioned getting your feet wet. I was able to hike up the river though, cross, and cross back again without getting wet, but it was quite a trek. The water level was high enough to make getting across quite the chore. And no, I was not going to ride my KLR across the stream, though that might have been easier.

I left Sugar Hollow, hung a left at the Whitehall Store, and headed towards my hometown. On the way, I remembered an old spot where I've gone 4-wheeling in my truck. And though it's been years, I figured It would still make a good place for the new tag.

On the way from Whitehall to this place I passed a Mission Home, The Walton's homeplace, The Trading Post, and Bacon Hollow. I stopped when I got to a road named for the mountain to which it leads, and where SeeDo now sits. Considering the three to five inches of precipitation some of us got last night, and for the first time this winter, this was an appropriate road and mountain for today's tag.

If you figured out the right road, and you get out there, you'll see a gravel road called "Old Mountain Road." Don't worry about that "Private Road, Dead End, No Trespassing" sign on the "Old Mountain Road" signpost. I've been up this road many times, and the guy on the 4-wheeler I met at the top today assured me it's not big deal for a dude (or dudette) on a motorcycle to come retrieve a purple monkey from this spot. Many people come up here for many reasons. 4-wheeling, 2-wheeling, and hang-gliding. You'll see why when you get to the top. Time to leave the Snow, and hit the Old.

This road will quickly head up the mountain, and it's not a smooth ride. When you get to an "intersection" with this sign that's seen better days, go left (up):

And when you get to the next intersection, go left again, though there's no street sign this time. In this pic, my bike is coming down from the tag spot:

And, if your tires and tenacity got you to the tag spot, you'll be rewarded by this view:

SeeDo is hidden under this railroad tie. You'll have to go down to the white carpet, turn around and look back up to see him. The carpet is what the hang glider folks use to get good footing for take-off :

I hope you all don't find this tag too "Out there" but I sure had a lot of fun placing it. If nobody goes to get it, I'll have a lot of fun going to get it and moving it in a few days.

Mad respect points to anybody that retrieves SeeDo from this spot. It was harder to ride up that road than I expected it to be. Don't bring your goldwing for this one!

"You've got to put your shoulder up against the stone, it don't matter if you ever get it rolling." Band of Heathens - Shine a Light.
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