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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Wow... so they use TWO of the "ventilation valves" P/N: 16117721943 ?
Item #8 in the CC diagram, and item #17 in the tank diagram....
Item #17 being downstream of the tip-over valve and item #8 being connected directly to the tank ....

That kinda makes my head hurt ... more .... I think it is time for .......

I'm pretty sure that "Ventilation valve" (PN 16117721943) which appears in both the carbon canister diagram and the fuel tank diagram is actually the same piece. It certainly bears the same part number, and I am not aware of that valve being in two places on my bike. I think it's just a question of how the parts diagrams are drawn up. The exact same tank diagram is used for the euro model, so it has to include the valve, but in the USA they add the Carbon Canister diagram and include the valve again because it's part of the system. Just a little overlap.
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