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Water water everywhere

Flying over Cambodia from the west to Siem Reep we look down with consternation at the lands below us. Flooded fields and villages stretch to the horizons. I have never seen real flooding other than on the telly but I can assure you it looks grim:

Water everywhere

That’s a village!

We land rough and go through immigration having to get our fingerprints scanned which always worries me in countries with questionable ethical values. Immigration never picks up on the fact that Mr Blian is either dyslexic or a pervert as when we filled out our immigration forms he told us we were staying in the Hotel Sodomy Dev which is in fact the Hotel Somadevi…

On arrival we are met by the company who is renting us the bikes (which we have yet to see) and go over our proposed route through the highlands so as to avoid the deluge witnessed earlier.

And then it’s off to “Pub Street” which is just that – a street with many pubs. We do a little homework and find the nightclub “Zone One” out of town which is really where it all happens. Though photography is illegal I manage to sneak a pic while the security boys aren’t looking.

Zone One, Siem Reep

It’s a truly bizarre setup with this heaving mass of locals and the odd tourist gyrating away to thumping noise while torch-bearing security guards patrol around the edge looking menacing. It’s as though the authorities are allowing the exuberance but trying to keep control. Prices? Insanely cheap. A beer is a dollar (everything is un u$) while $3 buys you a decent meal. We stumble home in the wee hours after consuming an insane quantity of alcohol to get a few hours sleep for the “cultural” part of this trip – the mandatory visit tomorrow of the famed Angkor temples
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