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Subagon, it's hard to identify the 2 closer bikes but I think they might be 1965 Roadrunners, 175cc. The one behind I believe is a J1Tl 85cc. Kawasaki did not have a toe in the door of the North American market until 1966 and all those bikes are older than that.

Anony, they are a little more difficult to find parts for than some of the others I've worked on but I was lucky to find the 2 parts bikes. A lot of the rubber parts are the same as early H1 stuff. Engine gaskets, bearings and seals are no problem but good exhaust pipes and oversize pistons are almost impossible to find. I have 2 sets of pipes that are probably repairable but it will be a lot of work. After they are repaired nobody wants to re-chrome 2 stroke pipes because the oil in them contaminates the chroming tanks. I have a pattern for expansion chambers so I might make some pipes and get them ceramic coated.

The air filter element on all 3 of these bikes is un-usable.I did some research on the K&N filter site and found a filter that is just a little taller than the original but will still fit into the original housing with a minor modification.
The original filter has a metal base glued onto it that fits tightly into the base of the filter housing bottom. I soaked the bottom of the original filter with solvent and removed that metal base.

I used my die grinder to remove the depressed center of the original top housing to add about 5 mm of height and make room for the K&N filter.

I bought a K&N RX-4010 air filter at a local auto parts store for $50. I guess the tuner car guys use them because they had lots in stock.

I used a utility knife to remove the rubber flange from the K&N and trimmed it so it will fit into the original base of the paper filter.

I test fit the base to make sure it will fit the original filter base, then cleaned both surrfaces with acetone then glued them together with good quality RTV silocone sealant.

Then I let the silicone set up for a few hours. It fits perfectly and should flow better then the original.

Here you can see that the top of the filter element breathes too unlike the original. I'll have to be careful when washing the bike!


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