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I got a new skid plate from Weld86, and decided to go with his sidestand relocation bracket as well. The bracket is a flat plate made of 1/4" aluminum that basically bolts up in the same location using longer fasteners. The plate is also longer and bolts to two additional locations as well - an unused threaded hole in the engine case (forward of the sidestand) and the centerstand pivot bolt. A spacer is required to utilize the threaded hole. After looking at the system, I decided it didn't add much. As others have reported, aluminum is 3 times more flexible than the steel (given the same dimensions), and flat plate is not very stiff to begin with. My conclusion is that the bolts through the original mount will be way stiffer than the aluminum bracket, and will likely crack under the same circumstances as if no bracket had been installed. I agree that for the relocation bracket to be effective, the original mounting holes shouldn't be used at all. Still, it can't hurt, right?

Not so fast. I'm not thrilled with replacing the factory fasteners, which appear to be galvanized, with the Zinc plated/unplated bolts supplied with the relocation kit. I'm seriously considering going back to the stock setup.

So a question for you all. I talked to our local mechanic, and he said the sidestand bracket/case cracking issue is only a problem if you mount your bike by standing on the pegs with the sidestand down. Someone else on this thread also mentioned this. so, can we eliminate the problem just by mounting the bike correctly?
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