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An overdue update with not a lot to add, but a few questions if anyone is reading,
sorry for the ramble, its just my style,

Basically I am slowly building up the parts pile.
A growing pile in the US will probably be shipped over soon, and I am just about to put in the big motobins order.

About the motobins order-

I know I need to do the timing chain (realy noisy)- so I am getting the complete timing chain kit, and I figure I might as well grab new camshaft and crankshaft sprockets for while I am in there.
If I am changing the sprockets is there anything else I need?
Is it standard to re-use woodruff keys or is it just cheap?

About the motobins carb rebuild kits- are the original (slightly more expensive) nitrile kits recommended, or are the pattern 'hydrin' ones which are described as lasting longer recommended?

A new issue I just noticed is that when I shake my swingarm from the side there is a little bit of play in the swingarm- no it is not just play in the final drive (I have that too) the swingarm nuts are torqued up very tight- within the swing arm I am not sure where this play would be coming from..
New swing arm bearings? Will that solve it? Any thing else likely to be required?

I am getting the single seat that motobins sells, which is (in their words) a siebenrock seat. Interestingly motobins sells it a lot cheaper than siebenrock does (175 Pound verses 275 Euro), but siebenrock sells the luggage carrier cheaper than motobins...
Anyway, I'd prefer a black single seat, but motobins only has the red, and for a 100 quid cheaper not counting extra postage by using both suppliers I'll take the red one!

In the mean time I've bought an ac/dc tig welder with the plan to make my own panniers and rear racks and have been practising a lot on a lot of scrap aluminium and steel... more practice required.

Although I quite like the look of the stock G/SPD luggage carrier and rear rack it seems to me like there is probably a lot of doubled up unnecessary metal and complexity there- subframe, luggage carrier, rear rack, pannier frames bolting to rear rack- overly complicated IMO and for my intended use.
also while the luggage carrier looks particularly good to my eye- for space and weight distribution it seems to sit a little bit higher than it could or should? I don't like wasted space like that and I would prefer the load to sit as low as it can.
Anyway, I am going to make my own simple one piece luggage carrier/rear rack that sits as close as possible to the top of the rear fender (as in sitting low). I need to get the single seat in hand so that I can measure up and make everything fit properly. I am going to add a little to the subframe itself so that the rear of the pannier frames mounts to the subframe instead of to the rear rack.
This all sounds complicated- hopefully the final images will show simplicity and make sense!

I made a hell of a lot of work for myself shortening my exhaust,
its used to stick out quite far from the back of the fender, after a lot of cutting, tigging, grinding, cutting, tigging, etc, etc, now it sits in nice and neat (and finally airtight) and I am lot happier with it.
Because of the 'custom' headers, Y-piece and non-G/S staintune, and how they sit, I was able to bring in the stock left side pannier frame about 25mm- which is another 25mm wider that the left side pannier can be. Good news.

Cutting and re-welding the pannier frame lug made me realise what crappy potmetal these stock pannier frames are made from I am also going to be adding a wrap around rear bar to join both pannier frames together.

I have also started mocking up some subframe reinforcements
right side

I have had to make two subtle bends here- one to get proper clearance around the Ohlins spring and another to get around back under the pannier frame- a bit hard to see how the slight bends are sitting but it looks OK in the flesh.

left side is going to be a lot tricker and bendier. Up and around the exhaust and then back in.

at the moment I am just mocking these up with mild steel. I am assuming I should try to get some chrome molly steel for the final version? Really?

I've tried googling but does anyone know what steel our frames/subframes are made of? They are cro-mo aren't they?

Although I am happy to tackle a custom luggage carrier (and anything else that bolts on... and off) I don't think I am going to trust my tig welding for the actual subframe and will take it into a friends metal fab shop where he has a 'tig artist' working for him.
When the time comes the frame itself is going to be sent up to Paul Rooney for one of his frame reinforcement jobs.

And that's about it for the moment.

Motobins order is going off as soon as I can finalise it,
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