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I have put my hand down there while riding and doesn't seem to get hot at all - maybe there is enough air coming around from the sides? I've emailed Jens with a pic to see if that is an ok spot for it - we'll see what he says.
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You're on to something right there. It pretty much doesn't matter where the sensor is when the bike is moving. I mean, don't strap it down to the oil cooler line, you know? When the bike is moving, even a few miles per hour, every location where there's room for a temp sensor is at ambient temperature.

It also doesn't matter where the sensor is located when the bike is standing still. Everyplace on the bike is hot when standing still. Radiant heating and convective heating, hot hot hot. But once you get moving again, everything cools right off.
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Yep you are correct here is what Jens [from BoosterPlug] reply was.

"Yes, position is excellent. Most people worry too much about this and want to have the sensor installed so it can look forward like the head lamp. No need for that, you followed the two basic rules, (No influence from engine heat, and a "some" air exchange, so you'll bee fine with the location you picked."

Jens Lyck
Looks like we're all on the same page regarding sensor location.


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