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Originally Posted by Beemerboff View Post
The play on the monolever could be because the bearing has been turning on the "adjusting " pin and has worn it.

Motoren Israel has slightly oversize pins which get a better grip of the bearing, and they are cheaper than OEM from Motobins too.

OEM pins are a loose fit in the bearing so if you are going to reinforce the frame it makes sense to tighten up the bearing fit too.

The frame tubes look and work like mild steel to me, you shouldn't really need much better.

My old man used to make a few pannier frames, and he used a thick wall pressure pipe, which was a bit better alloy then stock mild steel and worked/ bent easily too. But that was 50 years ago.

The stuff they currently use for petrol lines in servos is similar and is good gear too, but I dont know if it comes small enough for you.

Thanks a lot, some good tips. I am going to go out to the shed now and see if I can get the swing arm off and actually understand what you are talking about (I've never pulled the swing arm off and don't know how it actually works inside there). I'll try to check the adjustment pin for wear.

Interesting to hear about the mild steel thing- I will try to make it into a friends metal fab workshop again tomorrow morning and see if I can source some better pipe/tube. He just gave me this last bit I am playing with currently and doesn't even know what it is. It has a seem. It bends well and quite easily and it welds very well. Assumed to be simple mild steel.
Maybe more later,

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