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Thanks guys,

OLH, yeah your description was accurite. From the bottom where it mounts to the mainframe up to that curve near the end of the subframe.

I'm far from calculating loads or stresses or anything like that, and I am doing this because I am quite often guilty of carrying a lot weight, and I plan to thrash this bike- this is basically a preemptive seat of the pants add in a bit more here and hope for the best...

I think it will be good enough or at least better.
I'm pretty happy with these mock-ups, now 've just got to find some decent cold drawn seamless tube to make up the real versions.

There is never enough hours in the day.
I've been reading through the clymer again trying to figure out a few things. I really want to finalise my motobins order.

Maybe someone can help with advice or link to where this has already been discussed.

Basically this bike will be stripped down to frame components and built back up. For the engine, aside from taking the top end off and on, I'll probably only be going as far as the timing chain unless other problems turn up. I also don't plan on cracking open the gearbox.
Has anyone ever written up a list of the minimum parts needed to do this kind of thing? I'm getting obvious things like motobins 'complete' engine gasket kit, but what about things like those one use 'stretch' drive shaft bolts?
Surely there's a small pile of little things like this that are needed (things I don't know about until I need them and then have to put in another order!)

Also, I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and accept that I will have to look a bit harder into the final drive. I'll be getting new swing arm bearings and pivot bolts, just in case, but there is simply too much play in the rear end, and particularly the final drive to ignore it.

I've read this thread and I am confused...

I have an early G/S, is this play to be expected and is it OK?

I can see on motobins as suitable for my G/S:
crown wheel output bearing
crown wheel input needle bearing (up to 1985)
Pinion input ball bearing
Pinion needle output end. bearing

Thats a lot of bearings and not cheap either. Is this a matter of pull it apart and see what needs replacing or should I just pony up for a full set of bearings...

The clymer seems to deal with the final drive as 'All Models Except 100GS' in one section. With a skim read I've seen no real mention about anything G/S specific. Feeling a bit confused about this.

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