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instead of going to bed like I should have I had to go out to the shed to get oily...

Something wasn't jelling right.
The side to side play I was feeling last night in the rear end and what I have been worrying about- I hadn't felt that before... but I'd looked for it...

So I bolted up the wheel again and properly torqued it up (there's the trick!) and could no longer detect any side to side play in the rear end while holding the wheel in the 3 o'clock position. What I could still detect, like I did before, is the play in the final drive when gripping the wheel in the 12 and 6 o'clock positions.
So, just like AW described in that thread linked to above, no play at 3 and 9, and play at 12 and 6.
I am not sure about the measurement of the play at the rim, I'll have to try to carefully measure it at a later date. It feels like it would be over 1mm, just because I can so clearly feel it, but then sometimes things like that can be deceptive.

I just drained the final drive oil and on the magnetic plug there was only a little bit of very healthy silky metallic paste- nothing indicating bearing destruction or anything else alarming (I've been through that on the transfer case in my BJ42). The oil was quite used and dark but still clear and voluminous.

So, depending on the amount of play I measure, I am leaning towards thinking that the final drive might just be OK and that this 12-6 play is nothing to worry about unless it gets larger?

For interests sake, what would be the cause of this 12-6 but not 3-9 play? Easy fix, or PITA fix?

to bed for real this time,
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