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Originally Posted by Dekatria View Post
I'll first start by smaller trips to the Ardennes and/or Germany, and in the summer of 2012, I want to cross the North Sea to Great Britain to make a tour of the island. Not only is this to find out how the bike and I cope with these distances, it is also partially due to my grandfather - it's been a dream of his to once see Scotland, but now that he's in his 80s he can't do it anymore. That seems the worst feeling in the world to me - wanting something only to realize it's too late. Therefore, I'm doing the tour of GB also on his behalf.

I plan on logging the trips through the use of a helmet camera, and that's where my first question lies - I feel that no travel video is a travel video without smart-ass commentary, but finding a helmet cam compatible to an external, in-helmet microphone seems nigh to impossible. I was wondering if anyone could help me with that.

Awesome, looking forward to your Scotland vids/ ride report. Have been all over Scotland as a kid with my family and always dreamt of going back there by bike.

As for the helmet cam: have a look at the Drift HD Stealth.... really good HD helmet cam with (if I remeber correctly) a plug for an external microphone (although you may have to also get this from the manufacturer). Check our youtube; I think some people are bike vlogging with this setup.

Greetings from Germany
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