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Originally Posted by Klammer View Post
After finishing another grueling 50 mile bike ride from Rosarito to Ensenada in 2005, I found myself in a drunken stooper in front of a street vendor eating a seafood cocktail with a drunk whore in tote. I gave the bitch a few bucks to get a bottle of ta-kill-ya and we stumbled off to my hotel, the "Coral". The ho, not willing to shagg me until she extracts every last dollar from my pocket, says, lets go to the jacuzzi. So there we are, soaking and f--king in the tub when who shows up but these fking drunk sailers, talking shite and disrupting a decent screw. These f--ks are talking so much crap about some race down here and how they kicked everyones ass and I can see their half sunken junk tied up to the slip and beer cases floating all over the place. Now I'm thinking "this isn't going to end well"! Those aholes pissed off my whore so bad that she tossed the contents of her fat belly all over them. I'll leave the contents up to your imagination! Now I'm really pissed, what a waste of good te-kill-ya and my sprunt, so I rip the sack off the only bloke that actually had one and start bashing them in the head with it (sorry Jim). The hotel manager shows up and asks me to stop. Says he'll take care of the f--ks. Sometime later I wake up to a huge headace and my ho is tossing all the furniture off the balcone into the indoor pool those drunks have invaded. That piece of shoot manager didn't have his sack either, so he just moved those aholes to the inside pool. At this point I said F this shit and went back to Anthony's for a new whore and bottle.

Fuck you Rob, you owe me a bottle and a screw!!!

Hey Rich, the first time I met you I thought you looked familiar. So that's how the whole thing went down? Like I said I was drunk.......................

I love Anthony's. Short story.

So in 2003, as I finished the Ensenada Race, my wife and her friend also named Leslie show up and meet us at the dock when we finished at about midnight. They tell us they found a great bar and had been there all day an night. She drags me and the crew to Anthony's. I had one question, "where was my cut?"

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