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Seriously, Come on? really? This thread has had over 1000 hits in less than 48 hours, or an average of one hit every 34.72222 seconds. Someone has to have some good stories about Stupid Shit they've done. THis is a thread of the people, Stupid People, and whether you admit it or not, YOU ARE STUPID! So post up.

My next story is a ditty about Titty bars, 19 year old Mormon snow boarders from Iowa, Dom Perignon, funny strippers and my friend Hoover. He's the one who spent time in Boron in my last story.
I got arrested once for driving a car with no front tires

(excuse the punctuation & spelling)

My best friend from high school called me early in the morning one day and said he needed some help pushing a car out into the street so pick a part could tow it away
So I jump in my car and run over to his house and theres a really nice late 70's (I think was a 1978) Monte Carlo sitting there with no front tires just rims and the engine was sitting where the front passenger seat should have been
so I say why are you getting rid of it? He says his grandma gave it to him because it wasn't running good, so he checked it out and figured out the intake manifold gasket was bad, but he didn't have enough room to keep it at his parents house or time to work on it anymore
So I said my brother needs a car, he said If I get it out of here before pick a part shows up I can have it
I lived about 3 blocks away so we concocted a plan where he would push me to the hill at the end of his street then I would coast it down the hill and around the corner then he would tow me using his Toyota Land Cruiser the rest of the way.
sounded good to me
I got to the bottom of the hill OK, but as I went through the STOP sign and around the corner with sparks flying off the rims there just happened to be a cop coming from the other way who immediatly threw on his lights and sirens whipped a U Turn and pulled behind me
As my coasting speed with the engine sitting next to me was approximately 1 MPH at that point I quickly did the math in my head and figured that gave me roughly ZERO chance of running for it

so I got out of the car and started walking back towards the cop thats when he pulled his gun and told me to stop right there and put my hands on the car
This was about the same time my friend pulled around the corner with his Land Cruiser to hook me up and finish towing me the rest of the way
but seeing that I was busy at the moment he just kept on driving by
so now I get the pleasure of trying to attempt to explain all by myself: where I stole this car from, why I don't have a drivers license, why I was tearing up his street and what the Fuck was I trying to do to
All to no avail, eventually he gave me some nice chrome bracelets and put me in the back of his car then my friend pulls up and explains what happened and that it was his grandmothers car (thankfully he had the signed pink slip with him) but I think all that did was keep me from getting charged with grand theft auto
anyways being that I wasn't experienced at being a criminal my 1 phone call was to my boss telling him I was going to take the day off cause I needed to help someone take care of a few things
This turned out to be a bad choice cause now I finally start to think how was I going to get out of Jail ? Well maybe my friend will call my parents and tell them what happened
yep exactly as I thought my friend called my parents unfortunately he just kept asking if I was home yet eventually 8 hours later my parents suspecting something was up quized my friend and got him to fess up to what had happened
so they finally showed up and bailed me out
I think it was $ 300 bail + $ 100 something to get the car out of impound so I told my dad he can have the car and we can call it even, he agreed
He fixed the car up and drove it about 10 years
My brother who I wanted to get the car for never got to drive it

I cant remember what all of the 7 or 8 charges were but the ones I remember were

damaging a public highway
reckless driving
failure to stop for a stop sign
driving without a drivers license
something about driving a car without it being in gear
driving an unregistered vehicle

anyways I got another friend's dad who was a lawyer to come to court with me and he explained that since I was an experienced race car driver that had drivin cars without tires before it was not reckless driving this got the whole court room to get the giggles then he told the Judge that I would agree to plead guilty to failure to stop for a stop sign
Judge threw down the Gavel and said $250 plus court fees I'm thinking WTF holy crap how did you do that?
My friends dad says I went to law school with him

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