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Originally Posted by disston View Post
I have been rebuilding the front forks on my R90/6 the last few days. Working with all these things I look at the fork lower legs and it's plain the the right leg for a single disc is not easy to convert to a dual disk set up. But If one had two left lowers one of them could be converted for use on the right leg. And it doesn't look hard to do at all.

The axle hole in the left lower is smaller so it can be drilled to fit the right side. There is the same amount of beef to the area of the fork lower of the two legs. In fact they appear to have started life as the same rough casting. The axle hole needs to be larger on the right leg.

The pads for the caliper appear to be cast with a wide seat area. This is machined flat and the outside edge is cut off. When the left fork lower is put on the right side the cut off portion will now be on the inside. Merely cut the pad area on what will be the outside when placed on the right leg and weld this small piece to the other side of the pad. It will have to be machined flat again. Maybe some filling because of lost metal in cutting but not a big deal.

That is it. Drill one hole larger and change the caliper pad, cut ,weld, machine flat.

Is this not as easy to do as I think? I am not a machinist so it is entirely possible that something I don't see here is going to cost too much money or there is some reason why this just won't work?

It's been done, I think it's a great solution to a very expensive dilemma.
Let me just put this "wrinkle" in there....
Don't ask your machinist to "drill" out the axle hole, (he'll cringe and turn funny colors) ask him to "bore or ream" to the correct size.
There once was an old guy in Gaithersburg that had done some custom triple clamp work for me once, not far from the airpark, I can't remember his name, but the work was good and the price was right.
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