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The rules are ok, we don't follow them anyway.

Originally Posted by FATNBLD View Post
I got some feedback that it may be a good idea to amend the rules so as to prohibit tag spots on private property, such as the last tag at the top of Snow Mountain.

Anybody have any thoughts on that? Do I need to prohibit that, or can we all just use common sense when placing a tag?

As I haven't played yet and don't even live near Charlottesville, you may ignore my feedback without consequences.

I recommend no changes to the rules.

Rule 3. To play, go for a ride. Find the location tagged in the previous post. Keep riding. Find a new place, and take a picture of it. THEN POST BOTH PICTURES TOGETHER.
Only one of the posts so far has followed this rule - even the first tag showed SeeDo before he was hidden.

Rule 3 again. ~ You may not claim a tag and ask others to wait until you find a new place to tag.
Post #18. "Pics of new tag spot coming soon. "
Post #20. "I'll have a new one up by tonight. "

Part of Rule 1. The road on which your tag resides MUST be a legal road for motorcycle use!!!

Based on how closely y'all have been following the other rules, I submit that this covers the part about private property.

Leave the rules alone, this isn't a competition, we just need some general guidelines that ought to be followed but won't get us banned if we fail to follow them.

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