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OK, I'm changing it up to this short little story about texting, kidnapping and having my head up my ass.

On Wednesday, my wife texts me and asks me to pick up a friend of my daughter when I pick my daughter up from preschool. My wife and the friend's mom were going to Pilates together. So when I get to school I walk onto the playground and barely get out the door and my daughter, Piper and her friend, Parker were standing right there. So I scoot them into room and sign them out and leave.

About 30 minutes later, my wife calls me and says that Kelly (Parker's Mom) just got a call from the school and they couldn't find Parker. I said, "I have her with me and Piper and you texted me and told me to get her and bring her to our house". I was thinking, "Holy Shit she has a short memory"

I hear a long pause and then, "You never read my texts, do you?" I answered with my patented, yet Beavis and Butthead inspired "uhhhhhhhhhhhh, what?"

My wife then says,"The cops are at the school and they think someone took her or that she walked off".

I say again, "But you told me to get her and that Kelly asked you to have me get her".

She says, "Read the text"

I say "OK" and grab my phone and start reading, "Rob, Plz p/up Parker tmrrw when you P/up Piper. Kelly and I are going to Pilates"

OK, so I happened to miss that little "tmrrw". OK, so I was one day early and the cops were looking for a "short, stocky guy, in his mid 40's, with a shaved head and a limp" OK, so I forgot to tell the school that I was taking Parker with me. OK, so..........................she's right. I don't read her texts. But hey, If I did, I would start to think my name was Carl and that we had been somewhere at lunch yesterday and I made her feel really good. Now that would be ridiculous, because I didn't have lunch with her yesterday and as far as I know, it's been years since I made her feel really good.

That's another Stupid thing that Notmybike............did.

This might be my last post for a few years, because I don't think they have internet in prison.
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