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I found it a little difficult to read the handle bar data so I put everything into a table (using HTML). I hope this helps (someone).

TypeWidthHeightPull Back
Suzuki OEM Bend32.04"3.11"2.32"

Factory 909 BendWidthHeightPull Back
CR Low Bend31.60"3.10"2.30"
GP Bend31.02"3.66"2.28"
National Bend31.90"3.70"2.00"
Team Bend31.60"3.80"2.10"
Team Tall Bend31.60"4.00"2.30"

Fly Racing Aluma-Steel BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV F Bend29.76"5.51"4.05"
CR High Bend31.34"3.50"2.12"
Kawasaki/Suzuki Bend31.49"2.79"2.16"
Mini Bend29.13"3.77"1.65"
Vintage Bend33.07"6.77"3.54"
Yamaha Bend31.61"3.62"2.24"

Longhorn Big Bars BendWidthHeightPull Back
CR Low Bend32.00"2.80"2.68"
KX Bend32.00"2.80"2.36"
Mini Bend30.00"3.94"2.53"
RM Bend32.00"3.23"2.87"
Universal Bend32.00"3.39"2.76"
YZ Bend32.00"3.31"2.95"

MSR Carbon Steel BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV High Bend31.50"6.00"3.94"
ATV Low Bend31.00"4.00"3.62"
CR High Bend31.63"4.50"3.80"
CR Low Bend32.13"3.63"3.50"
CR Mid Bend32.25"4.25"3.38"
KX High Bend31.50"4.25"3.07"
KX Low Bend31.88"3.25"3.38"
Mini High Bend28.50"4.60"2.36"
Mini Low Bend28.13"3.71"2.36"
RM High Bend31.88"3.75"4.13"
YZ High Bend32.25"3.88"3.75"
YZ Low Bend31.50"2.64"2.76"

MSR Dominator BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV High Bend31.50"6.00"3.94"
CR High Bend31.63"4.50"3.80"
CR Low Bend32.13"3.63"3.50"
CR Mid Bend32.25"4.25"3.38"
KTM High Bend32.72"5.24"2.14"
KX High Bend31.50"4.25"3.07"
KX Low Bend31.88"3.25"3.38"
Mini High Bend29.13"5.88"3.75"
Mini Low Bend28.125"3.71"2.36"
RM High Bend31.88"3.75"4.13"
YZ High Bend32.25"3.88"3.75"

Moose Steel BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV High Bend32.50"5.00"3.20"

Pro-Taper Contour BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV High Bend31.50"4.75"2.17"
ATV Low Bend31.50"3.74"2.37"
ATV Mid Bend31.50"4.25"2.21"
CR High Bend31.50"3.74"2.37"
CR Mid Bend31.50"3.23"2.24"
Carmichael Bend31.50"3.00"2.17"
Factory Suzuki/KTM Bend31.50"3.63"1.85"
Henry/Reed Bend31.50"3.62"2.24"
KX High Bend31.50"4.25"2.21"
Mini High Bend30.50"3.74"2.00"
Mini Low Bend30.50"2.80"1.85"
Pastrana FMX Bend30.50"4.75"2.17"
Pastrana MX/RM Low Bend31.50"2.91"2.17"
Raptor Bend30.30"5.64"3.41"
Universal Low Bend31.50"2.80"2.17"
Windham MX/RM Mid Bend31.50"3.90"2.13"
Woods High Bend30.50"3.74"2.45"
Woods Low Bend30.50"2.80"2.37"
YZ High Bend31.50"3.31"2.00"

Pro-Taper EVO BendWidthHeightPull Back
Carmichael Bend31.50"3.0"2.17"
CR High Bend31.50"3.74"2.45"
Henry/Reed Bend31.50"3.62"2.24"
RM Low Bend31.50"2.91"2.17"
Windham/RM Mid Bend31.50"3.90"2.13"
Woods High Bend31.50"3.74"2.56"

Pro-Taper SE BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV Low Bend32.00"5.50"3.30"
ATV Mid Bend32.00"5.90"3.00"
ATV High Bend32.00"6.30"3.94"
Carmichael Bend31.50"3.00"2.17"
CR Low Bend31.50"2.80"2.68"
CR Mid Bend31.50"3.23"2.36"
CR High Bend31.50"3.74"2.45"
Factory Suzuki Bend32.00"3.63"1.85"
Henry/Reed Bend31.50"3.70"2.17"
Honda Mini Bend28.75"4.60"1.97"
KTM 50 Bend25.50"3.15"1.75"
KX Low Bend31.50"2.80"2.36"
KX High Bend32.00"4.25"3.07"
Kawasaki Mini Bend28.75"3.71"1.97"
Raptor Bend30.30"5.63"3.41"
RM Low Bend32.00"2.91"2.17"
RM High Bend31.50"3.23"2.87"
School Boy High Bend28.10"3.46"1.77"
School Boy Low Bend28.10"3.07"1.85"
Suzuki Mini Bend28.75"4.00"1.97"
Windham/RM Mid Bend32.00"3.90"2.13"
XR50 Bend28.50"6.75"1.75"
YZ Low Bend31.50"2.64"2.76"
YZ High Bend31.50"3.31"2.95"
Yamaha Mini Bend28.75"3.90"2.28"

Renthal Bar BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV Honda/Suzuki/Kawaszki Bend31.10"5.59"3.54"
ATV Race (781-01)31.73"5.90"2.95"
Banshee Bend30.51"5.90"3.93"
89-91 CR Bend31.29"3.74"2.44"
CR Bend31.30"3.74"2.44"
CR Mini Bend29.13"3.78"2.68"
CRF 150R Bend30.7"5.43"1.65"
Fourtrax Bend30.31"6.30"3.86"
KTM Mini Racer Bend25.28"3.31"1.73"
KX Bend31.69"3.66"2.17"
KX Mini Bend26.57"3.54"2.68"
KX/RM Mini Bend28.82"3.94"2.48"
LT-R 450 Bend31.65"3.50"3.23"
Mini Carmichael/Allessi Bend29.13"4.65"1.65"
Mini Racer Bend30.20"6.06"2.76"
Raptor 700 Bend31.10"5.55"3.54"
Raptor Bend30.90"5.51"3.94"
96-01 RM Bend31.49"2.79"2.55"
RM Bend32.05"3.11"2.32"
RM Mini Bend28.94"3.54"2.72"
RMZ Bend31.42"2.91"2.28"
Suzuki Quadracer Bend30.31"4.72"3.62"
XR Bend31.69"3.43"2.28"
40638 YFZ 450 Bend30.43"4.33"3.82"
6 YFZ 450 Bend30.70"4.17"3.46"
YZ Mini Bend28.74"4.06"2.32"
YZ/WR Bend31.61"3.62"2.24"

Renthal Fat Bars BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV Bend31.29"3.74"2.44"
CR High31.29"3.74"2.44"
Carmichael High Bend31.57"4.49"2.13"
R. Carmichael31.57"3.89"2.12"
J. McGrath31.61"3.62"2.24"
KFX 450R Bend30.26"3.78"2.83"
KTM 3 Bend31.81"3.27"1.40"
KTM 4 Bend31.80"3.74"1.50"
Mini Bend29.13"4.65"1.65"
Universal Low31.41"3.15"2.24"

Renthal Rider Bar BendWidthHeightPull Back
J. Button-High Bend31.77"4.33"2.63"
McGrath Mini Racer Bend29.13"4.53"2.09"

Renthal Twinwall BendWidthHeightPull Back
CR High Bend31.29"3.74"2.44"
Jeff Emig Bend31.69"3.66"2.16"
Jeremy McGrath Bend31.69"3.26"2.16"
Kevin Windham Bend31.61"3.62"2.24"
Ricky Carmichael Bend31.57"3.89"2.12"
YZ Bend31.92"3.34"1.41"

Spiegler LSL BendWidthHeightPull Back
BMW Bend29.50"2.38"4.50"
Street Bend32.00"1.75"3.50"
Street High Bend33.50"3.75"3.50"
Superbike Bend30.00"2.75"6.00"
Superbike High Bend31.00"3.50"7.12"
Superbike Low Bend29.00"2.00"5.50"
Sport Tourer Bend26.75"1.75"4.38"

Tag T2 BendWidthHeightPull Back
CR Double High Bend31.69"4.53"2.44"
CR High Bend31.69"3.43"2.28"
CR Low Bend31.30"3.74"2.44"
KTM Bend31.69"3.90"2.56"
KX Bend31.61"3.35"2.09"
RM High Bend31.69"3.66"2.17"
YZ Bend31.61"3.62"2.24"

Tag X5 BendWidthHeightPull Back
CR High Bend31.30"3.74"2.44"
CR Low Bend31.69"3.42"2.28"
Fourtrax Bend31.10"5.59"3.35"
KX Bend31.61"3.35"2.09"
RM High Bend31.69"3.66"2.17"
Raptor Bend30.51"5.90"3.35"
YZ Bend31.61"3.62"2.24"
YZ Double High Bend31.50"4.50"2.25"
Z400 Bend31.10"5.51"2.95"

Trail Tech ATV X-Bar BendWidthHeightPull Back
Low Bend31.10"3.27"2.44"
Mid Bend31.10"3.74"2.44"
High Bend31.10"4.21"2.44"

Tusk Chub Big Bar BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV High Bend31.5"4.75"2.41"
CR High Bend31.5"3.75"2.45"
MX Race Bend31.6"2.8"2.25"
YZ Bend31.6"3.5"2.38"

Tusk T-10 BendWidthHeightPull Back
ATV Sport Model Bend31.75"6.25"3.50"
CR High Bend32.00"3.75"3.00"
CR Low Bend32.00"3.25"3.50"
CR Mid Bend32.00"3.50"2.50"
KX High Bend32.25"4.00"3.00"
KX Low Bend32.00"3.50"3.00"
Mini Hight Bend29.13"4.50"2.75"
Raptor Bend31.50"6.25"4.00"
YZ High Bend32.00"3.50"3.00"
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