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Originally Posted by disston View Post
I appreciate the input. I'm rebuilding the front forks of my R90. It was while I was comparing the two styles of fork lowers that I saw this was possible. It comes up all the time but I never do see this solution suggested. I have the much needed right side fork lower piece but I can't use dual brakes till I fix the hydraulics. So I guess I'll have an empty fork lower on the right side till I do that.

I know that machine practices and operations are not what amateurs like myself think they are. Boring or reaming the hole would be relatively easy I think. But creating the flat pad for the caliper seems a bit harder. Still I'm glad it can be done and some day when the price of usable right lowers is exhausted we may see it happening more often.

i should check with my favorite welding AND machining guru in SanJose and see if he wants to do some of these.
He's done it already, (iirc) and is WELL versed in BMW motorcycle modifications.
I should check to see how many i have. It might be "cheaper by the dozen" so to speak.
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