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Let's Start a Business

I like the Lego analogy. But there is some difficulty with using the Brembo lowers. Then you have to use the later style dampers. Or something like that. I don't know. But usually when mixing parts you have to make more of a mixture than you wanted. I also like the idea of using a K bike front end on Airheads. I almost did that because I owned a K bike and I wanted to tear it up but I sold it instead. I hear you can even put a GSXR front end on an Airhead!

I get enough braking out of a single ATE. I don't tail gate or charge into turns I don't know. I'm really a prettey sedate rider any more. So I guess it's just a matter of style or looks. It's very popular in the States to add a second caliper. Even if the ATE is marginal two of them must be better than one?

I'm not kidding. I subscribe to a couple of motorcycle lists. Just a few. I see requests for the right fork leg about 4 times a year. On Ebay the whole front end goes for at least $250, usually higher. I think the last one I tracked a couple of weeks ago was almost $500. The right leg only is the only part needed if your single brakes, front end are good. Add another caliper, a MC or a line splitter. There are all kinds of theories about how to do this the proper way, a better way, a way that works.

So yeah. Don't throw away those extra left ATE legs. They can be made into right legs. Might not be the right time but I'll bet it's not far off. Doing a dozen or more is a good idea. I say make all the extras you can find into right legs. The buyer would have the left and he would get the other parts also.

WW, I met a guy in Gaithersburg that had a shop selling mostly choppers. Some was resales but I think he was building them also. Not the fancy unridable type but the workingman faster Pan Heads and Knuckles. Is this the machinist you know? Forget his name. It was around Airpark somewhere.


BTW, what machine, attachment, procedure is needed for building the flat area for the caliper? Is this the difficult part of the conversion?
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