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Originally Posted by disston View Post
BTW, what machine, attachment, procedure is needed for building the flat area for the caliper? Is this the difficult part of the conversion?
ATE r/h fork legs are getting harder to find in my little corner of the globe too Charlie, so I took a similar approach.

I took a l/h fork leg to a mate and got him to cut the tang off the r/h side of the caliper flange and weld it onto the l/h side, thereby duplicating the dimensions, function and appearance of the stock r/h fork leg. I simply dressed the welds with a Dremel and it's now indistinguishable from a genuine item IMHO.

I haven't drilled the axle hole yet, and it's the bit I'm looking forward to least. I'd been thinking about making a jig to support the leg, to ensure correct (and repeatable) alignment, and have already begun making one. The urgency has now gone from completing this exercise though, as the owner of the bike which required it has since decided to take a different path.
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