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OK, so here's one for the books. This story is PK (Pre-kids).

My wife and I drove up to Washington one year for Christmas with my family.....................OK that's enough about that.

Let's get to the driving home part. I like to drive.............alot. So, if I can drive some place in under 18 hours, I choose that instead of flying. I do some of my best thinking whie I'm driving .

Anyways, I like to drive at night when I can haul ass and no one is on the highway. So we left my parents house at at about 6pm and start heading home. The drive was fairly uneventful, other than walking in on a prostitute servicing a trucker in the bathroom around Wolf Creek, Oregon.

Around 2a.m. I start to get a little sleepy. I look over at my wife all curled up snuggly in a down comforter in the front of my Bronco. I think how cute and cuddly she looks, and I think I gotta have some of that. We've done it in the Bronco before so I attempt to wake her up. She slowly wakes up and says, "are you horny ?" How she does that, I have no idea. So we start thinking about where we're going to pull over to do the deed . Finally, I have this bright idea that we should pull up on top of one of the overpasses that leads out into the dark, dense forests of the Oregon/California border area that we were in. Somewhere, north of Yreka.

So, I pull off the highway with all of the anticipation of two high school kids getting ready to have sex in one of our parents beds. I think to myself what a nice night it is. It had just snowed about 12 inches and the clouds had cleared and the night sky was incredible. The Milky Way was a light show and the moon was so bright you could see details in the mountains even in teh dark. I opened my car door and step directly into 18 inches of snow with the top layer being wet powder. I walk around to the passenger side door and open it. My wife slowly pulls the blanket open to reveal , she was nude under that thing. Sweet !

Wanting to take full advantage of her adenturous showing, I drop I move closer, I slip in the snow, fall forward and smash my chin and lower lip on the door jam, nearly knocking my teeth out.

There I am, laying in the snow with my pants dwon to my ankles, bleeding from my chin, lip and tongue that I had bit on the way down. What could make this better?

At the moment that I stagger to my knees, I get a bright light in my eyes and a sudden feeling that we were being watched. It's a fucken UFO with a light shining right on me and now I'm getting to get anal probed. Nope, it's the local LEO that had just pulled off the freeway to check us out and see if we needed any help. He says, "are you OK?" I nervously yell, "yes, yes. We're OK. I just slipped while taking a pee". I hear silence and some talking to another person in his patrol car. He then says, "You know, it's easier to pee in the snow if you don't pull your pants all the way down". He and the person in the passenger seat laugh hysterically and drive off.

That's another Stupid thing that Notmybike did...............................
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