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Sorry for the late replies, I've been flat out busy this weekend and yesterday and unfortunately none of that involved anything motorbike related. (Been cleaning, painting and working on my boat getting it ready for sale)

Originally Posted by Rucksta View Post
Go for easy first

Thanks, as a general rule that is something I always need to be reminded of.
I should have time to try everything you very helpfully suggested tomorrow night.

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My best guess as to why there is 12/6 play and no 3/9 is that the cover that holds the outter ball bearing gets a bit worn due to wheel impacts and what not they're ALL in the 12/6 direction more or less. If that cover wears a bit, no amount of shimming or even new bearings will get rid of the play.
Thanks for pondering an explanation. Without having a strong knowledge of the parts you are talking about yet, it sounds reasonable.
With play developing like this though, I would wonder why the process wouldn't continue and even accelerate as the play increases?

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i'm liking what youre doing Ontic. I know where you're coming from with the assymetric thing- it involves bending your mind a bit.
I'm doing kinda similar stuff to mine however with advice from those with much more experience submitted the final drive & gearbox to experienced mechs.
As far as the motobins order - any plastic bungs missing? A spare set of final drive screws definitely, rubber gaiters for final drive, spare crush washers, spare final drive & gearbox output seals?
Thanks mate, yeah, there's definitely a bit of mind bending involved. I've been following your thread on Schmidt and love what you are doing.
Also, thanks for the parts suggestions. I was already getting the rubber gaiters for the final drive but the rest will go on the list.

My gearbox feels pretty good. I've also got two spare gearboxes I could swap on if problems with this one developed. With this box I've hit a few false neutrals at times but I believe this is being caused by the incredibly worn and sloppy shift linkage (the bushing has had it and everything just flops around!)- aside from that the gearbox feels great.

And about bending, end of last week I sourced some nice seamless 16mm hydraulic tube for the subframe reinforcement. Just mild steel I think, but compared to the same wall thickness and OD seamed tube I've been using to mock up with it feels a hell of a lot better.
I've got enough to do the luggage rack as well but to save a little weight I may very well get the same thing in a thinner wall for this application as this thicker stuff is probably a bit overkill for the luggage rack application.

On friday past I spent a few hours cutting and bending and starting to grind/file and fit-up the subframe reinforcement pieces. As a TIG welder I am pretty much useless unless my metal pieces fit really well together.
Fitting these bits properly at their odd angles of joins is taking forever!
I need a damn dremel and a pile of those little mini drum sanding things.

I'll try to fit in some more work on the bike this week, but really most of my spare time over the next couple of weeks will be heading out to the boat and working on it- a lot of this trying to get the F%*#ING 80 year old British inboard engine to run reliably.

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