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Glacier Tourists

Mom wanted to do the 14 Glacier Tour, or something like that, for a family outing so Val and I headed up to Whittier to meet up with the parents. We had to wait in line for a while so the train could go through. The tunnel is actually owned by the railroad and so you had to pay them a toll and they only open it up in each direction for the cars a couple times a day.

The trip through the tunnel was drippy with little rocks falling off the ceiling without warning. It’s probably a good thing they require motorcycles to wear helmets. Personally, I have never been one for making people wear helmets; I mean our planet just overtook 7 billion people, if someone wants to volunteer for a higher probability in participating in population control, then more power to ‘em I say, but it is probably a good thing in this instance. It would be a little bit of an exciting ride through on a bike I suspect, with the wet slick train tracks, potholes, and rocks on the ground and drips form the ceiling throughout the tunnel, following a long line of traffic.

When Val and I met up with the parents and Mom was pretty down. Like the local saying goes, it was definitely $h!ttier in Whittier. All rainy and overcast, we were kind of bummed thinking the tour may be a bust. But the tickets were already paid for, so we herded into line and walked the plank down to the boat. I was pretty apprehensive about the whole ordeal at first, but, Ranger Rick was pretty cool. He was talking about all kinds of different facts and trivia while we set out. Then they served fish and chips for dinner (halibut of course) as we motored through the Price William Sound. The bar was good too.

Due to the consistent rain and lack of visibility they changed up the plan and decided short change us a few glaciers since we wouldn’t be able to get a glimpse of them, and get a bit more up close and personal than usual with another instead.

I was a bit surprised at how they motored through all the ice chunks, like they were nothing.

We sat there in the bay, watching the glacier calving (chunks break off) and observed the harbor seals, tourist, and golden eagles frolic in their natural habitat.

(the little white dots are golden eagles, or actually, maybe they were just the golden eagle food, I forgot)

Then, on the way back we couldn’t resist a few family pics for the Christmas cards.

We headed back up to Anchorage; I dropped off the sis, took one of my few showers of the trip, restocked on supplies, and then I evaluated my options. I had several days until Tina flew back into Anchorage; I just had to figure out how to spend them, hmmmmm. What to do, hmmmmm indeed.
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