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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Wow - Not a guy I'd like to have a beer with that's for sure! Sort of an adversarial style saying Dovi has no speed and then his remarks on Rossi...Sounds a bit like the HRC that Rossi bolted. I wonder how long CS will ride for that guy?

Amazing to me that he thinks Marquez is the future of MotoGP...It's a bit early for that when he still has Casey and Dani. Maybe Marc struggles with the Bridgestone tires? Maybe he's another Dovi (or Elias!).

Go Yamaha!

Thanks for posting that, Yoop.
I wasn't particularly put off by anything he said, pretty much he just speaks the truth (well that and he sounds like a Japanese guy talking, that is pretty much the way they roll).

Compared to Dani and Casey he was too slow, nice guy sure and quick enough to be in MotoGP but why pay for a third bike that gets beat by Yamahas and satellite bikes too much to ride on the fastest bike. I do think Dani doesn't have much more time either, he seems to overlook that while Dani is fast he also ends up out of contention (more often by his own doing) and it will probably not happen while Casey is on the same bike.

Rossi should have been the top Ducati every weekend, he is the best racer on the Ducati this year, no excuse to me than he just wasn't giving it his all and he has his reasons but I kept waiting for that miracle ride that never happened and I don't think he intended to ever.
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