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I think Bautista is smart and fast. The thing I wonder and can never be answered is how good or bad is the Suzuki versus how good or bad Bautista is. Would Stoner have been putting the Suzuki on the podium every week, or around the same as Bautista or worse. Yes Stoner is the extreme but I was surprised that Bradl was faster than Bautista (from what I saw on some sheets), and RDP was faster than both of them on the Suzuki.
Of course it is only testing and the first day, but when we look at the numbers it does not say a ton about Bautista being held back by the Suzuki.
Maybe Alvaro was not pushing it, since it did not matter much. No need to get hurt when you are going to be testing your new steed in a couple of days. On to the future? The people riding it now have something to prove to convince Suzuki to stay and give them a seat.
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