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HS#5 race report

The race this weekend is put on by the Sunrunners MC club. It is also the site of the best race of my life which happened last year. In that one I had the lead several times only to give it back and finished 2nd. My hope was lightning could strike twice.....
Haley was also looking to improve upon the last 2 times she was here. A year ago this was her first race on the big bike and one lap was all she could manage with a face full of tears. Haley had one other girl in her class and once the horn sounded she was off in pursuit. The speed isn't there and it really frustrates her as she tries to get used to riding on the edge. A snafu on the hard /easy split cost her some time and she finished 10 minutes behind 1st place but she did complete 3 laps here (a first) and didn't get hurt so we'll call this race a good one.

Junior Girls
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Points Adv Laps Elapsed
1 153G Alyssa Mieszczenski 284498 Honda Palm Springs, FL 50 0 4 1:29:53
2 169G Haley Schell Honda Odessa, FL 47 0 3 1:19:59

This was going to be my first race with the rekluse auto clutch. The practice lap showed much promise as worrying about stalling the bike was a thing of the past. I also had a set of air cells installed on the front forks and they seemed to take a little of the initial bite from the roots and sharp edge bumps on the course.
The horn sounds and I'm hitting the start button (trans in 2nd gear)the same time I'm throwing my leg over the bike. No clutch needed as I feed it throttle and shoot towards the first corner...Hole shot!!!

(I'm on the far left)

Last time I raced against 172C he beat me pretty well, so starting with him behind me gives me a chance.

I'm strangely pretty calm as I work at putting slower riders I encounter behind me and work at keeping first. I don't see anyone passing me as I come through the scoring chicane to finish the first 10 mile lap and it shows me in 3rd.... "3rd?" I'm thinking as I head back out. Unless someone took a real shortcut I didn't see that scoring has to be wrong.For the next 3 laps it shows the same thing as I'm riding a uneventful race trying to balance going fast without wrecking and giving it away

soon the race is over and once the scoring snafu is figured out..

Finally...never thought it would happen Now i need to worry about not getting too many adv points and getting bumped to "B"...

Senior C
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Points Adv Laps Elapsed
1 117C Troy Stainbrook KTM Odessa, FL 50 10 4 1:50:59
2 33C Tom Widener Yamaha Enterprise, FL 47 5 4 1:52:51
3 20C Charles Nix KTM Inverness, FL 45 4 4 1:52:54
4 172C Robert Downs Kawasaki Sebastian, FL 43 3 4 1:53:32
5 818C Irvin Kelly 942897 Honda Kissimmee, FL 41 2 4 1:53:46
6 828C Mike Hunter 744142 Honda Middleburg, FL 40 0 4 1:55:32
7 38C Mark Boris KTM Lake City, FL 39 0 4 1:55:51
8 42C Brenton Teixeira KTM Key West, FL 38 0 4 1:57:21
9 51C Eric Rasberry KTM Geneva, FL 37 0 4 1:58:51
10 314C Chris Reid 617543 Yamaha Lakeland, FL 36 0 3 1:29:41
11 753C Erik Barr Honda Sarasota, FL 35 0 3 1:29:50
12 108C Rob Michaels 1095598 KTM Orlando, FL 34 0 3 1:29:56
13 142C Mike Spaw Suzuki Okeechobee, FL 33 0 3 1:31:27
14 369C Dan Thaler KTM Deerfield Beach, FL 32 0 3 1:33:27
15 100C David Buttocovolo Honda , FL 31 0 3 1:33:57
16 3C Scott Heaton Honda Apopka, FL 30 0 3 1:41:36
17 24C James Welch 888473 Honda Cape Coral, FL 14 0 2 0:58:39
18 444C Mike Wilsey Honda Loxahatchee, FL 14 0 2 1:11:06
DNF 7C Richard Goff Honda Trinity, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00

Total Riders in Class: 19 Total Riders in Event: 280

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