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Originally Posted by Spoke View Post
I'm curious of the people who have had positive results. My question is, did any of you already have a similar device, such as The Accelerator module, that you were using prior to installing and using poolside's device? The reason I ask is because I already use the accelerator module and my bike runs well. I purchased the ICE Air just to be able to use the ICE Cool. My bike really needs a longer, don't know the real words, injector dwell at tip in...If we were talking carburetors I need a larger accelerator pump shot.

Since my bike feels good now, I was thinking of not installing the ICE Air until the Cool version is available. But if the general consensus is the ICE Air improves performance over competitive produces then I better get this gizmo installed.
And after you swap out the accelerator module for the IICE Air let us know what you notice as the differences.

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