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Originally Posted by Gangplank View Post
What you notice? Well, now we have marketing at its best. The only way to actually tell what is going on is to put the bike on a dyno and test the air-fuel ratio and HP produced throughout the rev range using each. Also vs. stock but we know stock is tuned to lean.

Without empirical testing its just opinion. . It may feel better but whether it is actually producing more HP and doing so at the correct or best AFR you will never know.
Um. 'the only way to tell what is going on is…'

Uh so that would mean that an individuals experience and perceptions don't count, at all?

Now I'm not saying that such a series of tests wouldn't provide some valuable data but running a bike on a dyno isn't how I ride my bike, nor does it really tell how the engine responds to changes in throttle, since a dyno run is usually at wide open throttle, and not at varying throttle and rpm conditions. And it is at varying conditions where the IICE Air is most beneficial, not at wide open throttle, a condition I have very seldom used. And peak horsepower, which is what a dyno run yields has very little real world use, unless you're running on a track, not on the street.

So if a dyno run is 'the only way to tell what is going on' then perhaps you'll do us the honor of performing the test and interpreting the results to real world use (i.e. during dynamic throttle and rpm conditions)?

Which is where my original question was aimed in the first place "let us know what you notice as the differences."

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