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Ya know, I forgot that the BMW has a system that runs in both open and closed loop at different times. So yes a straight up dyno run for HP is not effective and would not show what these different widgets are doing.

That said a dyno run can be performed different ways. A good dyno tuner does not just do a straight 100% open throttle pull, but in is a series of runs at less than 100% throttle. Now that I think about it you are correct that it won't tell you much on this system because of the open and closed loop operation and since the ECU temp foolng only happens when it is working at variable throttle tip.

Anyway, you can do any number of things using a dyno and smoothig throttle response is one of them. What am saying is that IF these widgets are both doing a straight temp offset then any differences have to do with other variables. Asking what they "feel" is just opinion and in reality a comparison of two 20 degree offset widgets on a different series of days.

If you put both on a dyno and can track the AFR you will see what each is doing at different times. If there is a difference it will show.. that's all I was saying.
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