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I'm about to perform the first engine oil change on my R100GS this weekend and I've been searching for an appropriate oil for this lady.

I've read the Snow Bum's essay on ZDDP and Airhead engines, and while is very illustrative, it lacks on hard recommendations (except for Golden Spectro 4 20w50, which I can't get here. ) on specific oil products.

I've know this is a polemic subject and I don't want to start a long discussion, just want to hear a list of brands/products you guys used (with good results, that is...) and see which of those are available to me at the local stores.

Thanks for your help...


Mobil 1 20w-50 has a good amount of zzdp. Also is good synthetic anyhow. Just put it in and don't worry too much.

I think most quality 20w-50 oils will have plenty. They seem exempt from a lot of the requirements.
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