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Originally Posted by ontic View Post
Thanks fellas,

I'll email Damien from motobins and ask if he can put together a seal and gasket 'kit' for the G/S final drive as they don't have one listed and I'm finding it hard to figure out what is suitable.

I'll happily grab a few shims. Any suggestions as to which ones I'd prefer a wild guess from you to a stab in the dark from me
motobins list the crown wheel inner spacer shims from 1.6mm ranging to 2.6mm
and the crown wheel outer large shim from .18mm ranging to .88mm.

I think this order is just about ready to go through. I'm fooling myself if I think I will manage to get everything I will need in the first order anyway.
The outer I've only seen in two sizes thick & thin 0.15 & 0.7 mm I think they were.
Despite the listings this is all I've been able to get my hands on.

Fortunatly there is a stack of them and they seem to pound thinner with use so I can always get close emough by swapping in new for old. 2 x 0.15 would be a good start.
Last I bought were $8.00AUD each onshore.

I'd leave the inner shims alone as they set the lash on the crownwheel & pinion and I'm not qualified to do that.
You may be better with bearing blue than me but even the input seal is a challenge I don't tackle but the big seal is easy enough but you'd know if you needed it as it would visibly leak oil.

Unless you remove the small bearing or the bush there should be no need to play in here if it was set up right and it's not broken or eliptical on the bush / small bearing as suggested.

If the FD required more than a simple outer shimming I send mine of to Ray Peake for a complete job.

Be aware there are at least two diffenent bearing setups on G/S FDs
Mine is an 09/82 and has the brake cam shaft running in a brass bush at each end. Later versions have a tube running right throug the two halves. Extenaly there is little difference but the early type appears to have a 'cap' over where an axle would go through on the right hand side (if it had an axle) later models have what looks like a continuos casting instead of the cap.

Mine has a steel stub axle and a tapered small bearing,
Later versions have an alloy stub axle and a needle bearing. This is based on a total sample of two final dribves I've seen the inside of.

A popular modification was cut additional grooves in the brake cam shaft to use double 'O' rings each side.
Factory did this shortly before the change in the drives oabout the same time the rubber inserts went into the forward brake spring
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