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Originally Posted by skatetokil View Post
Why is is that all the Jap manufacturers feel the need to weigh down their MX bikes for on road use? Any moron with an ebay account could dualsport a factory MX bike with less than 25lbs of added stuff. Yamakawahondazuki can't figure this one out?
Depending on the State a person lives in, you can't always make a dirtbike street legal; it has tome come with a street worty title. (can't YOU figure that out?)

What I wonder is, if YOU don't want all that weight, why don't YOU just buy an off-road only model. No one is forcing you to buy one of these and there's plenty of off road bikes in this class already. (so buy one and go visit e-bay like you suggest)

As for being a capable D.S. that can be ridden to the off road riding location and not have to be trailered there....I have to ask; where is the large capacity gas tank.

All this compromise and none of the mfg.s have been able to make ANYONE happy.
Dude, where I feel your frustration, try feeling it from this perspective.

Everything out there right now...SUCKS! = too heavy/under powered, too high strung/maint. intensive, and most of all, too freaking expensive when they come close to hitting the mark.
I have to admit, I've given up on the (street legal) D.S. market in general.
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