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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Joking, right?

The bike has not even been officially announced, no one has real good photos, and you want warranty and tech specs?

We may not have answers today but we certainly know what the questions will be. Mods, may we please have sticky's now with fill in the blanks ready for release day? A few suggested thread below:

"Wasser Battery thread"
No need to to wait for stranded riders. We''ll need suitable replacements for BMW proprietary odd size. My prediction "Holly cow it's amoeba shaped with a Canbus battery case shape sensor and cut-off"

"Coolant and water pump lube thread"
How to remove crystalline silicate from the water passages w/o removing the engine case from the frame?

"Plun-nPlay night riding w/o night Vision goggles"

"Spline thread and Clutch thread"
Many will be pulling their gear boxes on day 1 to apply the lube that BMW will forget to apply at assembly. We are wise to the dry splines lasting just until the warranty just expires.

"Aftermarket Wasser Parts"
Some of us won't be buying the $40 oil filter

"So and so isn't sold separately."
"I just bled the brakes and the Wassser caliper bleed nipple broke off. BMW wants $900 for a new caliper, Any fixes"

"Based on previous BMW warranty experience , "Will you buy this mc even if a 100K miles/10 year drive train warranty is not offered?"

We just aren't going to have the bandwith on here for redundanr questions., so hoping that the necessary threads can be started and indexed during the norther hemisphere winter riding season.
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