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Even the cam chain guides are in good nic.

Once the cases were split I was curious to see how the gearbox would look.

The shift forks are perfect and have no marks or wear at all

The gears sometimes suffer from pitting and loss of hardening but overall these seem in very good condition, all the engagement dogs are fine including the matching holes, if you look closely you can see some wear on a couple of gears, I will inspect these closer to see if they need replacing

It was probably good timing or good luck that I decided to rebuild the engine as I discovered that the countershaft was badly worn where the sprocket goes on, this could have left the bike stranded if it totally stripped the spline, the large spline was changed to a fine spline on the later XR engines and this one is NLA and supercedes to the large spline NX650 version. I suppose you can't really complain after 81,000ks of single cylinder thumping!

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