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Oddometer: 493 finish off where I started, had a very busy week leading up to the cup weekend, had to finish the XL, which I did around midnite friday and also had to finish a brand new CRF230F for the other half with bashplate, heated grips, trailtech, acerbis handguards and all the rec reg gear before the weekend, plus the shop is sooo busy as the grass season is in full swing, bummer when you can't get time to work on your own bikes!

I was going to fit different suspension for this ride but had virtually no time to try and sort it out, I put in a set of XR350 front forks and a fournales air shock in the rear, this lifted the bike dramatically and gave it XR height and ground clearance and made the side stand almost useless. I had one short ride on a dirt road and found it to be very skittish and loose in the front so with limited time left I went back to to the standard suspension with some mods as I did not need any problems riding with 17 others over 3 days in the high country.

As you can see the forks are way longer with more travel, I used these in a 92 NX650 safari bike to get 4th outright in 92 and win my class

The rear air shock loses 2.5kg straight away as it has no spring, you use air pressure to adjust sag, runs about 3bar of pressure, I have used this one in the safari and for trailriding, really different type of a ride, this one is made for an XR600, the XL runs the same linkage with a shorter shock, I also used another one made for the NX650 in the 92 safari, the right shock is an XR350 one I thought about using but there is no room on the XL for the reservoir

So with the standard suspension back in I put some more fork oil in and some spacers for more preload, the rear shock had more spring preload put on it and the rebound made a bit harder, now this is a 25 year old shock with no reservoir and 4 rebound adjustments
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