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When i finally finished the XL she fired first go and ran beautifully with the engine being just as quiet as before, I was tossing up what tires to use for the weekend, full knobs or "adventure" bike tires, I like to test new things and stuff that I sell so I decided to run a set of continental twinduro TKC 80s. The XL has tubless rims and I was also keen to see how these went in fairly hard off road riding, it runs the normal 21" front and a 17" rear, I was a bit concerned about pressures as it was raining before we left and rained most of the night

This is what continental says about the tires,

The Conti TKC80 Twinduro provides the de riguer finish to the adventure style motorcycle. The tyre choice of world conquering adventurers and standard equipment on the BMW R1200GS Adventure. The Conti TKC80 Twinduro delivers un rivalled on and off road performance, all season, all weather, in all terrain and every road condition, regardless of continent! Conti TKC80 Twinduro World Conquering Grip, dont go exploring without them.

I have to say they are pretty much spot on with the discription, they are even made in Korea!

I ran 15 psi and had no trouble anywhere on any track we went on in the high country, we had squalls, chewed up muddy tracks from bulldozers and 4WD clubs with 20 vehicles, I went from Licola up to Mt Wellinton, track wet and muddy with 4WDs having been there, over to the pinnacles for lunch and down billy goats then up a few steep ones stopping to carry some tired riders on the pillion pegs on the last few steep hills as they had run out of stamina, no traction problems at all and they loved the big comfy seat on the XL taking them up the hill!

The run down to dargo on the the wet bitumen was a blast as well as the tires were better than full knobs!

The next day was another good test going along collingwood spur and over to brewery creek and down and then up sarah spur for lunch and another downpour and lunch at the hut. We then worked our way back to dargo for the night.

The last day was back to licola through eaglevale over the swing bridge as the river was a bit deep but not impossible, the owner of the bridge was there and said we could all ride over it! Then up cynthia and down wombat to wonnagatta for lunch, the big group of KTM riders looked at me a bit funny on the big XL as we regrouped at wombat?

We then went up zeka which was being bulldozed and was muddy and had to pass about 20 4WDs to get the the top onto howitt rd. We then made our way back licloa with a few detours along the way.

All this on the XL which weighs in at 153Kg dry! on road trail tires! sure the XR650 would have been more fun but the XL never missed a beat, used no oil after the rebuild and didn't even have time to run it in! went everywhere without a hitch and did not even hit reserve on 150k days with the 13lt tank.

The only problem I had was rolling the front tire off the rim on a downhill and broke the bead which was hard to pump up being tubless so I put a tube in it for the rest of the trip.
The tires were great even in very slippery mud, never lost drive at any time and were great for grip on rocks

Front tire after the ride.

Rear tire

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