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Originally Posted by grizz47 View Post
...SeeDoo and I took a short ride from Buck Mountain Ford to a spot that once cost a price for admition. Altough it is now free you no longer get full use. The road we found looks like it hasn't been maintained since Sherman was a boy. It has a name and a number. Another way of saying the number might be 8:54. As to the name, well there is a gap in my memory. Could be due to the leaves changing from the lush green hues of summer. Perhaps I've stonewalled you long enough. Go 1.5 miles past the bridge and look at the base of tree, under one of the many "Posted" signs you will see along the route. Stay on the road and you can ignore these signs. You will find SeeDoo looking at the high tension lines overhead.
I hope I'm not revealing just how dense I am here, but I cannot figure out these clues. I'm pretty sure i've got the route number, and there's more than one not too far from Charlottesville, but doggonneit I just can't seem to nail down any of the rest of it. Gonna try riding out to one of them today, the closest one to Buck Mountain Ford and see if it looks different from the ground than it does from Google Maps.

And in the meantime, since I'm off work early today, I'm going after the Valley Tag, looks like it's in a pretty cool spot, and it's a lot closer than it's last spot, and it's not in the valley, I'm planning to keep it that way.

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