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HondaVsTheWorld Alaska to Argentina on a 24 year old Honda C90

Hi Guys,

I'm new to ADVRider, I've been meeting alot of people saying great things about it so here i am. My name is Sean Dillon from Ireland.

I am just about to make my first steps into The old US of A on my wee 24 year old Honda Cub. I have covered 4500 miles since i left Anchorge Alaska, I have travelled the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle, the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City, the Alaska Highway, Stuart Cassiar, the Ice Fields Parkway, and the Sea to Sky Highway all on my 85cc bike. It has been AWESOME!!!...

I have been staying with Ernest Hemingway's grandson Patrick Hemingway on Granville island helping him rebuild his Honda Passport.

You can check out my new post on my website, which includes fowl mouthed shinnanegans with Mr Hemingway and his bike , my own bike modifications, floating houses, tiny homes, mad Irish men and Mountains Lions!!!

I hope you enjoy it!!!

If you want to meet along the way drop me a line!.. especially if you have an old Honda Passport!!!

Here's a short video of photos with some rocking music!!!!

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